Thursday Thankfulness

Three things I’m thankful for around our suburban homestead today:

New bunnies (1 day old): One of them wandered away from the nest today, I had to dig around to find him. I’m so glad I counted them yesterday and I’m also glad I’ve been checking on them semi-regularly. The miscreant is now back in his nest, safe and sound.




New growth (yellow, white, and cream rose bush): We planted five of these in the front yard last month. They are starting to get new growth, we might even see some flowers in a few months.




And lastly, I am thankful for all of the laundry I have to clean, dry, and fold today. It means that my family is healthy, active, growing, and busy.


Life is so good.


What are you thankful for this Thursday?







In my quest to rack the internet’s brain about homesteading, I’m learning that there are hundreds of thousands of people who want to leave their day jobs, move to the country, and simplify their lives. As a general rule, I don’t think people (as individuals) are stupid. So why is it that it feels as though most people think that moving to the country will be easier than living in the city. In reality, all environments have their own noises, pollution, problems, pressures, and stresses.


In actuality, simplicity can be achieved by anyone who is looking for it. The first step is to figure out what is most important in your life, then cut out the excess. If we turn off the background noises in our lives, it allows us to focus our concentration on the things that we find rewarding.

This doesn’t mean avoiding everything you don’t like and saying no to everyone who asks for help. This means actively chosing to spend your free time enriching your life instead of doing things that are time wasters.

In my life, I’ve learned that social media sites are huge time wasters for me. I’m not advocating that everyone should jump up and delete their facebook account – but I can tell you that I did, and I’m very happy with my decision. I do miss my Wild Thing 2 mama’s, and I miss hearing the updates of my close friends and family – but I no longer feel a constant need to refresh the page just to see an update about my old high school friend’s brother’s girlfriend’s supper choice.

I was spending 10-20 minutes a day on facebook. That’s 105 minutes a week – or 91 hours a year. I’m going to use that time to learn to quilt, make hard cheese, and read more books to my kids.

What are you wasting time on?

Hot Summer


Dear People of the North,

Yes, 110F sucks. It’s hot. We understand. We are a little more prepared for heat, so we don’t mind it as much. We have cooling stations at local parks equiped with misters. We drink gallons of water each week. We buy sunscreen in bulk. Our roads and homes are built to withstand 100F+ degree temperatures. Our AC’s work fantastic because we would shrivel up without them.

We know that you aren’t used to the heat. Feel free to complain as much as you would like. Feel free to post the 10 day weather forecast and gather sympathy from your long distance buddies. We will commiserate with you.

In exchange, we ask one simple thing. Stop laughing at us when we whine about trace amounts of snow and ice. We might be used to the heat, but the cold is a different ball game down here. It shuts us down because we aren’t prepared for it. We don’t have snow tires or snow blowers.  In fact, the Texas Department of Transportation does not even keep snow plows in the Dallas area, because they are so rarely needed. So, let’s show each other a little more consideration when it comes to weather.

Stay cool up there. We are rooting for you.

The People of the South