On Thursday, April 3rd, I went outside to check the mail and I saw this in the sky…

…The South West View


…The North View


As soon as I came back inside, my phone beeped and alerted me that we had switched from a tornado watch to a tornado warning. There had been a tornado spotted on the ground 30 miles away and the storm was heading in our direction.

We live in a double wide and I have a healthy respect for storms, so we followed our emergency tornado plan. I yelled for the kids to put shoes on and get in the van. One of the kids opened the gate at the end of our driveway. I grabbed our backpack with emergency supplies that I keep in the laundry room and we headed to our neighbors brick house to ride out the storm.

It was pretty intense for awhile. The power went off. Hail was pounding the roof. Lightning lit up the sky like a strobe light at a night club.

After the storm had passed, we thanked our neighbors profusely, came back home and went to bed. The power came back on around 3am.

In the daylight, I was able to see the damage. I lost about $200 worth of seeds that I had planted in my garden the week before, a few tree limbs had broken, and our lawn furniture blew across the property. We had no other damage. For a few days, I thought that I had overreacted by running to my neighbors.

On Saturday morning, I drove to town to buy the seeds I needed in order to replant my garden. I was about a mile away from my house when I saw first hand that I had not overreacted in the storm.

Electric poles had fallen…


Homes were demolished…


And there was debris everywhere…


The county paper came out with a tiny little article a few days later stating that we had a EF1 tornado, going about 200 mph, on the ground for over 11 miles.

I’m so grateful and thankful that we had a storm plan in place and that the kids all knew what it was. I had no arguments from them, they just did exactly what they were supposed to do. If the neighbors had been out of town, we had a back up plan in place as well.

We had to call the fire department a month ago, there was a fire in the woods off of our county road. My husband just happened to notice it on his way home from work. It could have easily spread to our property. That day, I sat down with the kids and explained our emergency plan. I also spent a few minutes tossing things that could be helpful to us in a emergency bag. It took me less than 20 minutes.

It was 20 minutes well spent.