Simple Living

I have always been very¬†imaginative. My husband laughs at the songs I make up. He says I’m undiscoveredly talented. I’ve always enjoyed amusing myself. This imagination started when I was very young – much to the chagrin of my parents.

When I was in preschool, I had friends that had imaginary friends. Not me. I had imaginary pets. My poor parents were quite shocked when they learned that my imaginary boy dog, Sandy, had puppies. Every night, I would say my prayers, and then I would take out imaginary buckets and feed my imaginary livestock. Most of my livestock looked like a cross between My Little Ponies and Transformers. I was a very good caretaker, until I realized that not only were they invisible, they were completely made up.

When I was in middle school, I used to walk and/or ride my bike to and from school every day. I remember that I would film imaginary reality TV shows in my head on the mile and a half journey, featuring myself as the star. I titled my creative shows, “Country Girl.” The theme song was very interesting. I’ll spare you the details, but you can be sure that you are not missing much.

In these reality shows, I would show the viewers how awesome I could walk up a hill, or how fast I could ride my bike. I’d also have heated debates with myself about the proper way to name horses. It would have been a riveting show. It’s a bit of a tragedy that puberty forced me to cancel it.

Now that I am an adult, I miss the days of sitting around and pretending. I miss playing dress up. I miss the simple life I had when I was a child. I used to think that I wanted to move to the country so I could somehow revamp those simplier days; instead of imaginary livestock, I would have real livestock, instead of starring in a made up television show, I would live my own reality show and write about my real adventures.

It’s not true, you know. The country life is not the simple life. In fact, most of the people that used to be farmers moved away from the country because the city is so much simplier. Here, we can sit around and watch TV. We can sleep in. We can buy whatever groceries we need or want at the store. We can be lazy. You can’t really be lazy if you have livestock depending on you in order to survive. You can’t be lazy if you have a vegetable garden that is going to feed your family for a year that needs tending. The country life is not a simple life.

I know not to expect simple when we move to the country. I am however expecting it to be a happier, more fullfilling, joyful, and quieter life. My family has already started making the transition to a quieter lifestyle. We turned off the television. Have you ever realized how loud a television is? We’ve played a dozen games of Risk in the last week. My kids like to form secret alliances and gang up on my husband and I. It’s a blast. I take time to sit outside and enjoy my coffee in the mornings. We read books, and share the funny parts with each other. We limit our computer time. We have family Bible study on a regular basis.

We are trying to make memories each day, instead of moving so fast that the days rush into each other. Life is so short. We are all one day closer to no longer being here. We really need to remember what we are living for and what we want our legacy to be. I don’t need a simple life, nor do I want it. I do, however, want a life filled with joy and love and family. What do you want from this life?