I live in North Texas with my husband and my three boys. The twins are 16 years old and the little man is 6. My husband and I have been talking about moving to the country and creating a self sufficient homestead for many years. One thing after the other set us back, first our kids were young, then DH had knee surgery (twice), then we had major house repairs that had to be fixed. Finally in the Spring of 2012, we decided that if we waited for the perfect time to move, we would never move. Even after making this decision, it still took us over a year before we could put our house on the market. We sold it quickly, and in August of 2013 we moved from our 0.17 acre lot in the North Dallas suburbs to our 71 acre lot in rural Northeast Texas.

This blog was made to follow our journey. I hope that I end up posting more success stories than stories about our failures, but either way – it will be my brutal honest account of our transition.

Life is crazy and it’s about to get crazier, but I wouldn’t want it any other way.

The Cast:

Me – I’m a former financial advisor who know runs and operates our ranch. God and my Family are the most important things in my life. I love being outdoors and I love taking care of animals. I enjoy quiet nights at home and spending time with my kids. I like knitting (email me for my ravelry id), sci-fi, and reading everything I can get my hands on. Farm life is harder than I expected, but the rewards are far greater than I expected.

DH/Hubby – My dear husband. We’ve been married 16 years and I feel spoiled rotten that I get to call myself his wife. He has a very technical mind and he enjoys tinkering with things and working on projects. He is a mechanic and he has a passion for fixing things.

Oldest Twin (Jan ’99 – 16 years old) – He was born 6 minutes before his identical twin brother and he will not let anyone forget it. His favorite outdoor activity is archery. He is a great fisherman and he holds the family record of largest fish ever caught. He’s also been known to catch things besides fish – like turtles and frogs.

Younger Twin (Jan. ’99 – 16 years old) – He is 6 minutes younger than his identical twin brother, but he wears a half size bigger in shoes. His favorite outdoor activity is fishing. He has the family record for greatest number of fish ever caught in one day (35 as of the time I’m writing this). He also loves to play basketball.

Goose (Feb. ’09 – 6 years old) – He is quick as a whip and ridiculously sharp. He likes to set the deck when he plays the card game War with people. We all know he does it, and we all still let him. He acts shy around people that he doesn’t know very well, but once he warms up to you – you’ve got a friend for life. He loves being outside, it doesn’t matter what he is doing as long as he is outside. He tells me everyday that he loves living on this property.




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  1. Hi…my name is Michael Boyink and I’m writing a book called “Ditching Suburbia”. We are finding families who have left the suburbs to move into RV’s, onto boats, enter the mission field, move to cities, or to start farms. A good search for homesteading brought me to you. Would you be interested in being interviewed for our book? It takes 45-60 minutes via phone or skype. Let me know – thanks!

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