Evening Walk

In the past five weeks, one of my sons had ACL reconstruction therapy and my husband had carpal tunnel surgery in both wrists. I wish I could spend more time exploring Spring on our property, but I’ve been barely managing to hang on with everything that is involved in taking care of my family, the livestock, our orchard, and our garden.

Last week, our pastures looked really pathetic. The early grasses are maturing, but there wasn’t much to bale. Luckily, we had 6.5″ of rain last Thursday! The grass just exploded in height and color. I’m hopeful that the rain will give us twice as much hay as we were expecting from our property.

There was one small problem with all of the rain. It flooded my garden. As soon as it started pouring, I jumped into my rain boots and ran to the garden to try to make some trenches so that water could escape the garden and not pool on top of all of my hard work. I think it worked. I did lose the plot of carrots and summer salad greens that I just planted, but my losses weren’t nearly as bad as they could have been.

For Mother’s Day, my kids are cooking and cleaning for me for the entire day. They are so amazing. I took the time I would have spent in the kitchen taking a nice little evening walk to check up on our bees. We aren’t going to open the hive and check on them until the end of the month, but it was encouraging to see them flying around the outskirts of the hive.


I hope everyone is having a wonderful Mother’s Day!


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