This past weekend, my mom and dad came out to visit. It’s always nice to have them spend time with us. My mom brought out a bountiful basket for me, which was fantastic. I didn’t get a picture of it, but it had asparagus and coconut in it. Yummy. She also picked up 125lbs of Roma tomatoes from Bountiful Baskets.

Needless to say, we spent the day making salsa. I made 13 quarts of freezer salsa for my little one. He has a jalapeno allergy, so he gets a special salsa made with green chili. After that, we made another 32 quarts of regular salsa. I went to bed ridiculously tired on Saturday night, then woke up an hour later in a panic when I remembered that salsa is not supposed to be canned in quart jars. Eeep!




I put everything in the fridge and reprocessed it all on Sunday in pint jars. That was not an experience I want to repeat. At least we’ve got enough salsa to last us a few m0nths.

Does anyone know how it’s possible that I only got 9 pints out of each 5 quarts of salsa I reprocessed? The math geek in me is still perplexed over that one. I wish I could blame the kids, but I kicked them all out of the kitchen that day.

We should (knock on wood) have 3 litters of baby rabbits tomorrow. We haven’t had baby rabbits since Spring, so it will be nice to have little ones hopping around again. I hope the young rabbits do well with their first litters.


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