Baby Steps

This past weekend, DH said that he feels like we are living a city life in the country. I suppose I could argue that we were living a countrified life in the city and that’s why it doesn’t feel like much has changed; but to be honest, I feel like he is right. Our goal is to be as self sufficient as possible, but I’m not sure how to get there.

I know this is naïve of me, but I half expected to move to the country and instantly remember all of the information and knowledge I’ve assimilated by reading books and blogs and talking to people that have done this journey before me. Ha!

Intellectually, I know that this is a process… I know that the little changes all add up in a big way, and I know that we are making a lot of little changes. It’s just hard for me to remember that when I don’t see progress every day.

I’m glad I wrote a post about my homesteading goals for my first year on our homestead and my homestead goals for 2013.  When I went back and read the list of the things I wanted to get done – I realized that I’ve finished 75% of my list.  When I see everything we’ve done on paper, I can hardly believe we’ve gotten so much accomplished when I feel like we’ve done so little.

The worst thing about baby steps is that progress is so slow that you don’t feel like you are making any real changes.

on the flip side of that

The best thing about baby steps is that progress is so slow that you don’t feel like you are making any real changes.

Either way you look at it – baby steps really do add up to big changes.



One thought on “Baby Steps

  1. We’re struggling with a similar problem. As we’ve been looking at trailers and making arrangements for our move in January, I keep realizing that there is an inherent tendency to re-build our current life… at a new location. We consciously decided to downsize from a 3000sq. ft house to about 1600. However, at every turn we seem to be evaluating things from the perspective of what we have now. We know we don’t need or want to recreate the hectic, suburban “dream” in which we currently live, but somehow it keeps creeping back in. It’s kind of sobering to read my fears realized. As much as we want a clean break and a new start, it sounds like it may take a while. Patience…

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