My Road

When we first drove out to this property, we followed the directions on our GPS instead of the directions on the MLS. That was a mistake. We ended up stuck in mud. DH and the big kids had to push while I had to steer. The road starts out innocent enough, it looks like most black topped roads that are in this area.


Then the blacktop ends. The road is still easy to drive on at this point. The sun dries this white rock very quickly.


As we get a little closer to our property, the white rock road ends. It doesn’t start back up again until we are a little past the boundary for our property. This is past the worst part of the road. But it still gets muddy here in the rain. The trees block the sunlight and the road will stay muddy for days at a time. The kids think it’s amusing to watch cars start down this road, then turn around and drive back a few minutes later.


At the very end of this road, on the left, our property. Here is a picture of the southwest border of our property. Our places goes all the way past the tree line in the back, where there is a wet weather creek. Our big “no cost” fall project is going to be to clean up the fence. The Johnson Grass grows around the barb wire and it’s hard to cut out with a weed eater.


I complain about our road sometimes, since it really is hard to drive on when it rains. And, it’s painful to have to explain to everyone who visits us to take the alternate road. I secretly love it though. It’s quiet and peaceful. I occasionally see deer and other wildlife running across it. It looks like one of those “path through a forest” computer wallpapers that are so popular. But, most importantly, it takes me home.


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