Canine Parvovirus

Our Rocky died of Parvovirus this past Tuesday. What a horrible illness. RIP little guy, we will miss you.



We think Rocky was two weeks younger than the shelter thought he was, which would have made him just under 5 weeks old when we adopted him. He was only in our lives for 13 days. He started showing symptoms last Friday (3 days after his first set of puppy shots), and he went downhill quickly. He earned his name by fighting very hard for his life for 5 days. He died peacefully in my arms Thursday afternoon. Even though his life was short, he had a great life. He was able to run around and go fishing with us, attack our water hose, take long naps on our laps, play catch with a football that was bigger than he was, roll around in rabbit poo, chase his tail, and most importantly, he was able to be loved and taken care of for the time he was with us.

After he passed, I sat outside with the kids and we remembered all the fun times we had with Rocky while we watched the sunset. It was a cathartic moment – a reminder that every beginning has an ending, and for every ending there is another beginning.

RIP Rocky-boy.


We will be getting another dog (an older dog that is up to date on vaccinations) in a few weeks. The 4yo and DH both want to name the new-to-us dog Rocky. I think it’s a horrible idea to do that. I don’t want the 4 year old to think that we can just replace pets. Thoughts?




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