Meet the newest addition to our farm.  He was very happy to be adopted from a local animal shelter yesterday. His previous owners had an accidental litter between their two farm dogs and they gave the whole batch to the animal shelter. I adopted this one right before the local Great Pyrenees Rescue picked up the rest of the litter. We are training this little guy to be a multipurpose farm dog. He has quite a bit to learn, but he will already “sit” and “come” on command.


He doesn’t have a name yet, but we will hopefully come up with something soon. Each kid wants to call him a different name. So far, the possibilities are Silver, Thor, Red, and Merlin. Which name do you think fits him best? Any suggestions?


He is only 7 weeks old, so he is pretty small right now, but he is going to get very big, very quickly. He is a cross between a Great Pyrenees and an Australian Shepherd. He is a smart puppy. It was 96F out here yesterday, so he decided to take a nap in his water bowl. He didn’t quite fit. I wanted to adopt a girl dog, so I wouldn’t be quite as outnumbered; but, I’m glad we picked this little guy. He seems like a great fit for our family and a wonderful addition to our farming endeavor.



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