One fish, Two fish

We have fish in our pond! We went out there last week and flew kites, went fishing, and put up a mailbox. Yesterday, we had our Uhaul boxes delivered and we wrote a check to the water company so they can put a water meter at the corner of our property (We will do the trenching to get water to the house). Today, we close on the house, so it will be delivered next week.

This process is starting to have a rhythm too it. Slow, slow, slow, fast, faster, fastest, slow, slow, slow….

My goal is to be on the property full time within one month from today. I hope we make it, there is a lot to do. We need to get the house set up, unpack, get the water and electric meters set up and connect those utilities to the house, and put in a septic system.

I still cannot believe that we bought 71 acres of land. I don’t think it will sink in until we can actually move out there.


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