We are land owners!

When I was a little girl, my parents took my sister and I on a road trip to their home state of Iowa. As I stared out of the window, mesmerized by the fields of row crops and pastures filled with livestock, my Dad asked me what kind of man I wanted to marry when I was a grown up. I didn’t even hesitate when I answered him, “A Farmer.”

Well, after 15 years of marriage, now I can say I’m (sort of*) married to a Farmer. (*Hay Farming counts, right?)

We closed on our land today!


Now, the real work begins. Within the next two months, we are going to put a double wide on the property, set up a water meter and an electric meter, trench the water to our house site, set up a septic system, start a garden, redo a part of our current 1.5 miles of fencing, get our u-boxes delivered so we can unpack, and start planting some fruit trees. We also want to have someone come and bale all of the hay that is currently thigh high.  Our goal is to move in full time within the next six weeks. I think we can do it, as long as we don’t get too distracted with these views…..





4 thoughts on “We are land owners!

  1. Congratulations! We are on a very similar journey. We closed back in May, and it’s been stop and go since. The property looks amazing. It’s so encouraging to see others on the same path.

    • It’s so nice knowing that others are taking this giant leap as well. It helps give me courage when I start questioning our sanity. I really like the Buying Land series on your blog, I wish I had been able to find something like that when we were looking for land. I bookmarked you and I can’t wait to read more about your journey.

  2. Let’s stay in touch!

    We’re right in the middle of making big changes on the blog. My wife’s blog will spin off to liveherelearnhere.com, and I’ll be blogging about the farm, affectionately known as The Ant Farm, at raisingants.com.

    • Yes! Let’s stay in touch. Sorry for my sporadic replies, we’ve been out at the property almost every day and there is no internet there yet. (Although the neighbors offered to let us use their dial up…. Yikes!) My email is funkytamra@hotmail.com. I love your blog, and your wife’s as well. I wish I could trade you one of our ponds for a few dozen trees! It’s amazing to me that we can be on similar journeys and have such different obstacles. At least it keeps it entertaining. 🙂

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