One fish, Two fish

We have fish in our pond! We went out there last week and flew kites, went fishing, and put up a mailbox. Yesterday, we had our Uhaul boxes delivered and we wrote a check to the water company so they can put a water meter at the corner of our property (We will do the trenching to get water to the house). Today, we close on the house, so it will be delivered next week.

This process is starting to have a rhythm too it. Slow, slow, slow, fast, faster, fastest, slow, slow, slow….

My goal is to be on the property full time within one month from today. I hope we make it, there is a lot to do. We need to get the house set up, unpack, get the water and electric meters set up and connect those utilities to the house, and put in a septic system.

I still cannot believe that we bought 71 acres of land. I don’t think it will sink in until we can actually move out there.


We are land owners!

When I was a little girl, my parents took my sister and I on a road trip to their home state of Iowa. As I stared out of the window, mesmerized by the fields of row crops and pastures filled with livestock, my Dad asked me what kind of man I wanted to marry when I was a grown up. I didn’t even hesitate when I answered him, “A Farmer.”

Well, after 15 years of marriage, now I can say I’m (sort of*) married to a Farmer. (*Hay Farming counts, right?)

We closed on our land today!


Now, the real work begins. Within the next two months, we are going to put a double wide on the property, set up a water meter and an electric meter, trench the water to our house site, set up a septic system, start a garden, redo a part of our current 1.5 miles of fencing, get our u-boxes delivered so we can unpack, and start planting some fruit trees. We also want to have someone come and bale all of the hay that is currently thigh high.  Our goal is to move in full time within the next six weeks. I think we can do it, as long as we don’t get too distracted with these views…..




Closing this week!

I’m still without internet, but I’m borrowing the library’s wifi so I can post a quick update from my phone. We officially close on our land this Thursday. Our suburban lot was a little shy of .17 acres and our new property is a little shy of 71 acres. The math geek in me giggles a little whenever I think of that.


It’s costing more than expected to get utilities and septic to the property, so instead of building immediately, DH and I decided to purchase a refurbished double wide to put on the property. It’s nothing fancy, but the square footage is larger than our old place, and the price allows us the ability to save for big ticket items that we want to purchase over the next few years. At some point, we’d like to build, but that can’t happen quite yet. Our only debt is our land, but we’ve had to pull so much money out of savings, that we really need to buff that account back up. We also need to build a shop, a storm shelter, fix a few parts of the fence line, buy some livestock, buy a tractor…… The list is never-ending. But, we will get it all done eventually. We just have to take it very slowly. This endeavor is supposed to enrich our lives, not saddle us down with debt and stress us out. There is plenty to do and I have to remember that it’s worth it to take our time to do things right from the beginning.


We walked the property line last week and it took us an hour and a half. It’s only a mile and a quarter around the perimeter, but it hadn’t been walked in a long time, so it took a lot longer than it could have. We had to be very careful in the tall grass. We also stopped many times so we could take pictures and enjoy the views. We didn’t see any snakes, but we did find some wild hog bones. I’m already daydreaming about having a freezer full of wild hog. Bacon, anyone?


I really love the property. I wish I could upload pictures from my phone, but wordpress keeps giving me an error message. I’ll just post a copy of the pictures that I already have uploaded. As you can tell, there is a lot of pasture land on this property. What you don’t see here are the wooded areas, the access to a wet weather creek, and the three ponds. I will keep playing around with my phone and I’ll try to get some new pictures uploaded soon.