Out with the old, in with the new….

We are offically out of the option period for our house. The closing date was changed from the first week of June to the fourth week of June. It actually works out better for us, since now we will be closing after the school year ends. It also gives me a few week extra weeks to harvest some veggies from the garden before the seller takes over. I might even get a few zucchini this year!

We like working with our seller’s agent on the sale of our house; but we decided we needed to find a buyers agent that is local to the area we want to move to. We found a realtor in that area today and I really like her. She has a lot of inside information about the area we are looking in, and I’ve learned more from talking to her on the phone for 20 minutes than I have the entire time I’ve been independantly researching and visiting the area. I hope that she contines to be invaluable during this processs.

I’m starting to get more excited about house hunting. My goal is to find a place within the next month. That will give us 6 weeks to close, and another 3-4 weeks to get settled before school starts next fall. It’s hard to have blind faith and jump into the unknown. We’ve been very comfortable here for many years, and it would be easy to change our minds and stay here for many more years.

I hope we are doing the right thing.




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