The Great Property Hunt

This past week has been busy. We went under contract on our house. I think I’m still a little in shock about how quickly that happened. We have to be out of here in a little over 3 weeks. I haven’t even started to pack yet. Eeep!

Dear hubby and I went out and started to hunt for our future property. It’s hard to find exactly what we are looking for. I have to keep reminding myself that we are not looking for perfection. We are looking for something that we can turn into perfection.

I took a few pictures of some of the places we looked at.


An Elk Family Grazing as we drove to the first acreage that we looked at.



Wide Open Spaces…



A muddy tank. In rural Texas, a “tank” is a man-made pond that is usually used to store water for livestock. I’m not sure they are in the pictures, but there were a few cows avoiding the rain in the woods behind the tank. They were black angus cows and they took me by surprise. It was amazing how well they blended into the shadows of the trees.



It was good to get out and start looking, but we still haven’t found our place yet. At least I am learning a lot in the process. It’s been fun to wander around and look at the way other people have their land laid out. We will get back out there on DH’s next day off. Until then, I have packing to do.


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