This is really happening…

All of our hard work paid off – our house had 21 showings in 60 hours. We had 7 offers to chose from. If all goes well, we close in 4 weeks.

It’s time to start house shopping! I’d like to time everything perfectly so that we can move straight from this house onto our new property; but I don’t think that is going to happen. I’m so grateful that my parents offered to let us crash with them for as long as we need to. That takes the pressure off of us. It’s not something we want to take advantage of though, so I hope the property we are looking for falls into our lap at just the right moment.

I cannot believe we are really doing this. I’m excited that we are finally doing this.  I’m scared of the fact that this is really happening.

I can’t tell if we are really brave or really stupid. Maybe both.


….And so reality begins to mold into a dream and the two star crossed lovers finally embrace.




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