Aldi’s vs. Bountiful Baskets

We couldn’t make it to our site this morning, so I didn’t order a basket this week. Instead, I decided to head over to my local Aldi’s and buy some produce there, just to see if Bountiful Baskets (BB) is as good of a deal as I feel like it is. (Aldi’s is a sack your own grocery store that primarily sells off brand items. They only take Debit Cards and Cash, so their overhead is very low.)

My Bountiful Basket order usually has 4-5 assorted varieties of fruits and veggies in it, so that is what I aimed for. I also tried to stay close to the $16.50 that BB charges for one basket. This is what I bought.



10 pounds of potates (2.99)

2 pounds of carrots (1.19)

4 tomatoes (.99)

8 red onions (2.49)

2 cucumber (.98)

10 fuji apples (3.59)

1 canteloupe (.99)

8 bananas (1.28)

1 container of green grapes (3.59)

For a total of $18.09


If I had gotten the 5lb bag of potatoes instead of the 10lb bag and if I had only gotten 1 cucumber, my total would have been $16.60, just ten cents different from my usual bountiful basket order. If you look back at my Bountiful Baskets posts on this blog, you will see that the amount of food is very similar to a regular bountiful basket order. The food isn’t as fresh, but it was nice to be able to pick out what I needed to restock. It’s also nice to know my fridge isn’t filled with a vegetable that no one particularly likes.

It was an interesting experiment. I think that BB is worth the money, but I’m not sure each basket is worth the $25 – $35 that the company claims.  I do think that some of the bulk add ons are a great deal though, especially if you have a way to preserve excess. And their tortillas are so delicious that I don’t think I will ever eat another store bought tortilla.

The next time I have to skip a week at BB, I’ll hop over to the Dallas Farmer’s Market and see what I can get there for $16.50. (Too bad that gas to get there is an additiona $10. Ugh.)



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