Busy Little Bumblebee

Our dream of moving to the country is becoming more of a possibility every day. We have a few realtors coming the first week of April to do a house walkthrough with us. They will give us their opinions about what they think the house is worth. I have a (very realistic) number in mind, so we will see how close I am to their suggestions.

If it all works out, and if one of these realtors seems like a good fit for our needs, we could have the house on the market as early as May.

There are houses in my area that have sold in days, and there are houses that sit on the market for over a year. I just hope ours sells before the end of August,  so the kids can get settled into a new school before this fall.

I have so much to do in the next few weeks. I need to paint, declutter, start packing, clean, landscape, hold a yard sale, keep up with the spring garden, plan what we are planting for summer, ect…

After taking two steps backwards last fall, it’s nice to feel like we are taking a step forward.








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