The Polymorph Juniors have arrived.

My now-4-year-old had a fantastic birthday treat this afternoon… Our doe, Polymorph, gave birth to her kits. She was 31 days pregnant. They were all in a little pile, and sufficiently covered with fur. I checked her at 11am and there was nothing. I checked her on a whim at 2pm and she had given birth to 6 kits. I think she is going to have a few more, so I hope I didn’t piss her off too much when I was out there. At least I gave her an apple slice as a peace offering. Aren’t they they ugliest cute things you’ve ever seen?




I learned why it’s so rare to see good pictures of newborn kits. They wiggle. They pop around like they are giant pieces of flesh colored popcorn. They stretch. They squirm around as close to each other as possible. And, to top it all off, their mom is usually in a nip frenzy trying to protect them. So, yea. I will have to try to get better pictures later. I’m going to check on them in an hour or so, to see if there are any more. (Really, I just want to look at them and pest them. Babies are so cute.)




Speaking of babies. I was a little upset yesterday. My baby is turning 4 today. He is always going to be my youngest, and he is already so big. Just as I was starting to feel sorry for myself, my nephew and his wife asked if I would spend 8 hours babysitting their 5 month old. About 3 hours into my babysitting gig, I decided that I am most certainly and gratefully glad that my baby is 4. Four year olds are so much more fun than 5 month olds. I love my grand-nephew to pieces, but I was very glad to send him home with his mom and dad and get 8 hours of sleep last night.




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