Bountiful Baskets 2/23/2013

Here is my bountiful baskets food co-op order for February 23, 2013. Bountiful Baskets is a food co-op that we started to use last year. We usually get two baskets, and it costs us a total of $31.50.

For the fruit portion of our two baskets, we got 2 pineapples, 16 bananas, 5 grapefruits, 10 apples, and 8 oranges. We also had an additional 6 apples from volunteerting this morning, but I didn’t put those in this picture.




For the vegetable portion of our two baskets, we got 3 five pound bags of potatoes, 3 heads of brocolli, 4 bunches of leeks, 2 heads of romaine lettuce, 2 eggplant, and 14 assorted rainbow carrots. I gave one 5 pound bag of potatoes to our neighbor. We still have some leftover from last week. I guess I’ll be making potato and leek soup again this week. Ignore the plate of sweet potatoes on the counter, I gave a small piece to each rabbit this morning as a treat and I forgot that I left the extras out when I took this picture. I’m a hardcore photographer like that. (har har)




Here is everything together.  I think I’m going to have to switch to 1 basket a week soon, our spring garden is doing well, and I’m hopeful that we will have lots of produce from it this year.




As for extra add ons this week. I did order the tortilla pack again. It’s $10 for 7 dozen assorted tortillas. I got them last November or December and we loved them, so I decided to get them again this week. I took a picture of them the first time, but did not take a picture of them today. They look the same, so here’s the old picture, just for reference. There are 3 dozen large burrito wraps (13 inches), 2 dozen corn tortillas (6 inches), and 2 dozen flour tortillas (6 inches). The are par-cooked, so they do need to be cooked for a minute or so on each side before eating. It’s worth the extra few minutes it takes, they are delicious. This is the first time in my life that I’ve loved corn tortillas. After having these on hand, store bought tortillas taste bland and stale. Tortillas are something that I can learn to make myself, but I have carpal tunnel and it really hurts my wrists to roll out more than a few at a time. So, until I get a tortilla press, I will keep buying them from bountiful baskets.




My Mom is visiting my sister out of state, so my Dad let me be his date to the Dallas Summer Musical “Catch Me If You Can” show last week. It’s nice to spend time one on one time with my Dad. I don’t get to do that very often. We went to the afternoon show, and I think we were two of the younger people there. We were an island in the middle of a sea of huge shoulder pads and flat slip ons. The show was great, I liked the song, ‘Seven Wonders’ the best.

This coming up week should be fun. My 3 year old is turning 4. We sold one car and are looking to buy a new-to-us-but-gently-used work truck  (with cash!). One of the rabbits is due on Thursday (I hope the babies fare better this time than they did last time).  I’m going to start decluttering, cleaning, and packing up things we can live without for 6 months. I’ve also got/want to knit a baby hat for an expectant friend.

I’ll try to post a rabbit update later this week. I hope I have good news.





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