Bountiful Baskets 2/16/2013

Here is our Bountiful Basket order for Feb. 16, 2013.

We did not volunteer this morning, as one of the kids is sick. This week was vegetable heavy, so the tomatoes are actually counted as a fruit for once. Here is the fruit portion of our order. 12 bananas, 12 pink lady apples, 14 clementines, 2 containers of cherry tomatoes, and 2 pineapples that I donated to our local fire department (not shown).


Here is the vegetable portion of our 2 baskets. As you can see, the baskets were filled with veggies today. In my two baskets, I got 2 five pound bags of white potatoes, 2 heads of brocolli, 10 green peppers, 3 avacado, 3 heads of iceberg lettuce, 2 bundles of spinach, and 4 large leeks.



Here is the money shot – all of this (plus the 2 pineapples not shown) cost just $31.50. Tonight we had salad and baked potatoes for supper and I’m going to make a batch of potato leek soup another night this week. The avacados are going to become guac. and I might try a new stuffed bell pepper recipe as well.  It’s really easy to plan dinner around yummy produce.




In rabbit news, we bred Polymorph and Pretty Boy at the end of January. I palpated Polymorph today and she is pregnant. Her due date is 2/28. I hope she doesn’t eat them this time! The other doe is not interested in our buck. I’m going to try to switch their hutches later this week to see if she is more interested in him after a night of hanging out in his pad. We’ll see…

All of the rabbits have ear mites, a common problem in outdoor rabbits. Ear mites are little bugs that nestle in warm comfy rabbit ears. It causes the inside of the ears to become red, crusty, and scaly. Luckily, there is an easy fix. Olive oil! I put just a few drops of olive oil in each ear tonight. I’ll have to repeat it daily for the next week, then weekly for the next month – but it should get rid of the mites without any problem. The rabbits hate it though – here is Pretty Boy trying to figure out if I have a yummy treat for him. Doesn’t the inside of his ear look painful? Poor guy.




In worm news – I checked on the wormies this past week, and they are alive and kicking! I never expected them to make it through the winter, especially in my novice care, but not only did they make it – they seem to be thriving. Woohoo. I’ll post some pictures of the creepy crawlies as the weather warms up.  I hope they keep reproducing. I want to take some of them fishing with me this spring….. 🙂



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