Dehydrating and Canning

Let me start with the biggest news first – – We have decided to put the house on the market this spring!  Houses in our area are taking a long time to sell, so we might not be able to move for another year or so – but every step forward is a step in the right direction. I’ve got a laundry list of things to do to get the house cleaned and ready for the realtor in a couple of months. I also have been preserving like crazy. I love getting Bountiful Baskets every week, but sometimes we just don’t get a chance to eat it all. My mom went out of town last week, and before she left, she brought over her excess produce as well. ACK!  My dehydrator has been running for the last few days. Here is one batch of fruit that I was drying earlier in the week. The apples and bananas go quickly around here, but I’ve still got almost all of the pineapple and strawberries ready to be snacked on. These make wonderful snacks for the kidlets.




See the few sacks of potatoes in the background of that picture? I used my pressure canner and turned them into 5 quarts of canned potatoes.  I cheated and just cut the skins off instead of peeling them all. These will be great to use in soups or for instant mashed potatoes. All I need to do is open them and drain them before I use them. It’s my suburban homestead fast food.




I also canned some salsa this week. Out of all of these, we only have 7 left. We’ve gone through 5 pints in 4 days. Wowzers. My kids really, really love salsa. I think my 3 year old has a jalapeno allergy, so some of these are made especially for him. He has eaten 2 pints by himself in the last few days. I can’t wait for tomatoes fresh from my garden this summer! I’m going to have to can salsa by the quart if I’m going to have any chance of it lasting us through the winter months next year. 2 quarts a week should be plenty. I’m going to need to buy more canning jars….




I’m doing pretty well on my goal of canning more this year. It was unrealistic to think that I can preserve all of our fruits and veggies for the year, but I’m doing my best and I’m loving the results so far. It’s also making me realize just how much I will need to grow if I’m going to grow all of our veggies for the year. My 450 sq foot garden is no where near big enough. After we move, I’m going to have to double it, double it again, then triple it, then double it again…. *Deep breath*  I need to remember to take babysteps. This is not an overnight process. It takes cultivating and practice. We will get there at some point though. And, I’m looking forward to it.



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