Sad Rabbit Update

I woke up this morning to find 7 kits dead on the wire of Polymorph(Polly)’s hutch. She had a nesting box with plenty of bedding, but she didn’t use it.

6 of the babies froze to death and the 7th kit was half eaten.

It wasn’t a pretty site.

I warmed the 6 frozen kits, but it was too late.

I wasn’t nearly as squimish as I thought I would be with dead kits. I’m so thankful for that, but I still couldn’t pick up the half eaten one with my bare hands. Poor thing.

Our other doe, Bandit, was bred a day before Polly. She would be 33 days pregnant today, but she hasn’t shown any signs of impending delivery. I’m not expecting it, but I am still hopeful that she will have a (live!) litter tonight. DH and I are going to take turns checking on her throughout the night, just in case.

The breeder we got the rabbits from stated that both of our girls had litters before. I’m starting to doubt that. Polly did not act like an experienced rabbit mom. We will wait a few weeks and try for litters again once the weather warms up. I hope our girls can figure this out quickly. At least we know that our boy has working equipment.




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