Bountiful Baskets 12/22/12

Today was the last Bountiful Baskets for the year. The basket was overflowing. As usual, we ordered 2 baskets. I was tempted to get 3, but I was afraid I wouldn’t have room to store it all. I would have been right. Here are the veggies we got in our two baskets. There were 2 heads of romaine lettuce, 2 eggplants, 6 avacados, 2 bags of red potatoes (Each bag is 3lbs each, 1 of the bags was open, and a few were missing. I guess they were a bag short and took a few from random bags to make up for it.), 8 yellow onions, 4 green peppers, and 2 yellow squash.




Here is the fruit portion of our bountiful baskets. There were 2 five pound bags of cuties, 12 additional cuties, 6 pear apples, 4 pomegranates, 13 navel oranges, and 13 red pears.



Here is everything together. All of this produce was only $31.50. Bountiful baskets is taking the next two weeks off for the holidays, so I’ll have to experiment and see what I can buy at the store for the same price I’ve been spending on BB. I don’t think I will even come close to what BB has to offer, but it will be nice to sleep in on Saturday.





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