Bountiful Baskets 12/8/2012

Here is our bountiful basket order for December 8, 2012. We got there in time to volunteer, but the truck was early and everything had already been unloaded. We were still able to help pass things out. I spent a little bit more than my usual $31.50 today, but I’m glad – I’ll show you why after I show off my produce for the day.

As usual, we get two baskets. Two baskets is plenty for my family of 5. Most families of five could easily get by with one basket, but my two teenage boys are both going through growth spurts, and I cook from scratch 90% of the time. If you are new to bountiful baskets, I’d suggest starting with one basket unless you have 6+ people in your family and/or you know for certain that you will use it all. It can be a little overwhelming to bring home two full baskets each week.

Here is the fruit we got in our two baskets this week. We were light on fruit, but the amount of veggies we got this week made up for it. There were 2 bags of seedless red grapes, 2 papayas, 10 bananas, and 16 persimmons. Our site had some leftover fruits and veggies that were passed out randomly to the baskets. I ended up with an extra papaya in one basket and 2 extra bananas in the other basket. I also ended up getting a 3rd package of grapes as an extra for volunteering. I didn’t add those extras to this picture, but they are in the picture of the fruit and veggies together.


We had a lot of vegetables this week.  There were 2 heads of brocolli, 4 cucumber, 4 zucchini, 10 yellow squash, 6 green peppers, 2 bunches of radishes, 2 packages of mushrooms, and 2 heads of salad greens.


Here is everything from both boxes together. This much food only costs me $31.50 a week. My grocery budget is $100 a week for my entire family and that includes all paper products, medicines, toiletries, and anything else we might use. The money I spent on bountiful baskets comes out of that $100. My budget will seem high to some people and low to others, but I think I’ve reined it in fairly well over the last few years. One of these days, I’ll write a few posts about the strategies I use to help us keep our budget low without coupons.


This week, I actually spent more than my usual $31.50. I bought two different adds on. First, I bought the tortilla pack add on. For $10.50, it comes with 7 dozen tortillas that are all made exclusively for bountiful baskets. I haven’t tried them before, but they look delicious. Included in the 7 dozen,  3 dozen were large flour tortillas, 2 dozen were small flour tortilla, and 2 dozen were corn tortillas. They are parcooked, so they do have to be refrigerated or frozen until they are used. I put all of them in the freezer except for one of the large packages.


It’s hard to tell in the picture, but the large ones are HUGE. Here is a picture of it with a random marker for comparison. These tortillas are at least 12″ across. We are having a “Make your own burrito” night tonight, so I hope they are as good as they look. **Edited after supper to add — They are better than they look. It did take a few minutes per tortilla to finish cooking them, but it was so worth it.**


Lastly, I bought one extra add on. Coconut oil. This came at a great time for me, as I just finished the last of my coconut oil. I love cooking with coconut oil. It is healthier and it just plain tastes better (imho). It is a little pricey, especially for the organic, good stuff. The cheapest I’ve found it is $26 for 54 ounces. Bountiful Baskets offered a 64 ounce size in a glass jar for $20.50. I use this in almost every recipes that call for vegetable oil. It leaves a sweeter taste, but it’s a lot healthier. There are hundreds of other uses for coconut oil and I’ve only begun to scratch the surface of what all it can be used for. It’s pricey, but this should last me a very long time.



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