Bountiful Baskets 12/1/2012

I know everyone is waiting with bated breath to hear what was in my bountiful basket today (December 1, 2012). There were lots of goodies. We got there early to volunteer again, and the truck was inevitably late. It was fun to sit around and talk to the other volunteers though. There was a wide range of people that showed up today, and everyone was friendly and happy to have help. (They only let kids 12 and older touch and sort produce, but the 3 year old has plenty to do as well. He stacks boxes, lines up baskets, and adds things to the trash/compost pile as needed.)

As usual for us, we ordered two baskets. Here’s the picture of the vegetable portion of our two baskets. There were 2 heads of salad greens, 2 heads of brocolli, 13 rainbox carrots, 11 tomatoes, and 2 boxes of mushrooms.




Here is the fruit portion. In our two baskets, we ended up with 2 papaya, 2 watermelon, 1 canteloupe, 10 fuji apples, 6 persimmons, and 18 bananas. We were one of the volunteers that gave up a canteloupe, since our site was 3 short. There are only 10 apples in the picture, since 2 were eaten before we got home. There are 4 extra bananas in our picture, they were our extras for volunteering. I added them to the picture today since we were short some of the other things, to give a better idea of how much produce is included in two baskets.




Here is everything together.  All of this produce was only $31.50.  I’m really glad to see tomatoes.  I’m also glad to see that there is not a pineapple this week. We were swimming in pineapples for awhile.  I hope the kids like papayas more than the like pineapples.




This is a persimmon. It looks like a smushy, odd colored, bad tomato. It’s a pretty interesting fruit. The black spots form on the outside is due to the sun hitting it in that spot. I have never had one before. I tried one today, and it is really good. To me, it tastes like a mango – and I’m so happy about that. I love mangoes, but I’m allergic to the oil on the skin of them, so I never get to eat them – this was a nice surprise.  I’m not sure what we are going to do with them all, but I doubt they will last the weekend. I hope we get more of them next week.







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