It’s raining nuts over here…

Over the last few weeks, my 3 year old and I have been going out and picking up the occassional handful of pecans from the old pecan tree that lives in our backyard. This is the first year we have harvested any nuts. These trees take a long time to start producing. Today we woke up, and our tree had rained pecans and leaves overnight. We ended collecting about 10lbs of pecans, and we left a generous amount on the ground for the local wildlife that like to visit. Here is a small sample of our bounty. I have them hanging in a handknit market bag, so they can have air flow. I’m manually stirring them twice a day, and I’ll toss any that look bad. In about two weeks, it will be time to shell some of them – just in time for pecan pie at Thanksgiving. I love free organic food that has a long storage life.


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