Bountiful Baskets 11/3/2012

Here is our bountiful basket order for November 3, 2012. We volunteered again this morning, and it was a lot of fun. We got there at 6:30am, and I’m so glad we were a little early, as the truck was also early. We ordered two baskets, and I am not including the extras we got for volunteering in the pictures..


Here is the veggie portion that we got from our two baskets today. We ended up with 2 bags of organic romaine hearts, 2 yellow squash (they look like spaghetti squash), 2 heads of brocolli, 6 english cucumbers, and 44 brussel sprouts.



Here is the fruit that came in our two baskets. I ended up with two extra pineapple since our site had so much left over, I think half of the baskets ended up with extra pineapple and the other half ended up with other grapes and pears. We brought home 4 pineapple, 10 pears, 8 apples, 8 lemons, 2 bags of black seedless grapes, and 2 containers (6oz) of blackberries.



Here is everything together. This was two baskets, so the total for all of this was $30 (plus $1.50 processing).  I’d say that we got a pretty good deal. It certainly helps stretch my grocery budget, and the kids love having fruit and veggies to snack on whenever they want.



On another note, one of our three rabbits went from being a total sweetheart to being a crazy nutjob. We’ve had the rabbits three weeks, and this doe, Polly, was sweet and cuddly until a few days ago. If I had to guess, I would say she is knocked up. I’m going to keep a very close eye on her over the next few weeks, as if she is pregnant, I have no idea how far along she might be. I do know that our two does and our buck were living together before we brought them home, so anything is possible.


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