Red Wigglers

We got our worms yesterday. The package was addressed to the 3yo, and he was very excited about it. There isn’t much to say about the worms yet, they are red wigglers. They are red. They wiggle. They are much smaller than the worms I usually see in the garden. These guys are about 2-4 inches long. There are 100 or so, and the kids like to look at them. We have them on the top shelf in the closet, so the 3yo can’t get to them without assistance.

They aren’t very interesting yet.

They just sort of.. squirm around.

We aren’t supposed to disturb them much, so we don’t even get to watch them squirm around.

They are very easy to care for, they get a 1/2 tsp of food everytime their food is gone. (Every 1-4 days) That will increase as they multiply. In about 2-3 months, they should have multiplied enough for me to move them from their current small tupperware home to a 5 gallon bucket.  It’s going to take an additional 2-3 months after that before I can harvest any worm casings.

I’ll be honest, every time I think about them I have a strong desire to go fishing; but, as long as they do their job and help me eventually create a great vermicomposting area, I might let them off the hook. (Get it?  Off the Hook… hahahaha…. I need some sleep.)


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