Within the next week – we are going to go pick up three rabbits! We are getting two Californian Does and a New Zealand White Buck. A local breeder had purchased them, but she is very busy and doesn’t have enough time to add more rabbits to her day. It works out perfectly for us, as those are the breeds we are most interested in. We’ve been emailing back and forth with the breeder, and we have a price worked out, now we just need to set up a pick up time. I hope it will be Sunday or Tuesday of this week.

Before we can bring them home, we need to build at least three rabbit hutches. I’m going to be posting pictures and information about that entire process in a separate post. We haven’t started yet, we are still brainstorming ideas. I think we will go to Tractor Supply Company and Home Depot tonight to pick up our supplies so we can get started working on it this weekend.

I wish that my city allowed backyard chickens, but rabbits are the next best thing. I know we purchased meat breeds, but I’m not sure we will be using them for that purpose. I need to look up the zoning laws in my city. I don’t think I can slaughter, butcher, or tan hide here. I do want to go off-grid at some point, but I want to do it legally and correctly.

For now, their poo alone makes them worth the cost of feed. I can’t wait for the clay in my garden to get a taste of fresh rabbit poo. I hope it loves it and rewards me with tons of vegetables next Spring.


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