I’ve been interested in vermicomposting (composting with worms) for awhile, but I haven’t been ready to make a full blown commitment. Yesterday, I stumbled upon a local worm farm that sells worm kits geared towards kids.  The worm bin is already set up, and placed in a small container. The kit comes with about 100 red wiggler worms, a notepad, some worm food, and some shredded paper. I ordered one today, and we should get it within a week. The 3 year old and I are going to study worms this week. It works out perfectly, since we are on the letter W in his preschool workbook.

I asked that the woman selling the worms address the package to my 3yo. He is going to flip out when it gets here. I’ve got a corner of the laundry room set aside to house our worms. It’s nice and cool and mostly dark. Worms don’t like to be bothered much, so I’m going to have to restrict our visits to once a day.

If the kids all maintain their interest and if we can keep the worms alive for longer than a month, I’ll set up a larger bin and order enough worms to make vermicomposting a regular part of our suburban homestead.


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