Bountiful Baskets 10/6/12

This week, I’ve done something that I have never done before. I made yogurt in the crockpot! It was great, and it was so easy to do, I’m not sure why I haven’t tried it before. I followed this recipe.

Our bountiful baskets pick up time changed from 10:15am to 7am. At 7am, I am usually just getting out of bed, but it was nice to get up early. We had a bit of a cold front last night, so it was fun to bundle up in all of my handknits again. The kids all came with me, so while we were out we stopped and got some hot chocolate. Yummy.

Here’s my bountiful basket for today. I just got one basket this week. There were lots of goodies. I apologize for the bad lighting in my kitchen.

Fruit —  1 bag of seeded grapes, 1 lb box of strawberries, 5 apples, 10 plums, and 7 bananas.

Veggies — 1 bunch of salad greens, 1 bunch of spinach, 1 pint of cherry tomatoes, 1 english cucumber, 6 large baking potatos, and 3 red bell peppers

Here is the group shot – can you believe all of this was just $16.50?? I love bountiful baskets.

To make sure our fruits and veggies get used, I always spend some time chopping, washing, and storing it all as soon as we get home from picking it up. Once the tupperware and knives are out – it takes very little time to prep everything. I usually spend about 30 minutes. It took me an hour today, but only because I had to de-seed the grapes before I froze them. I’m very happy with the assortment this week, but next week, I think I will be getting two baskets again. Teenage boys can eat ALOT.


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