Bountiful Basket 9/22/12

I picked up my first food co-op order from Bountiful Baskets today. I’m seriously excited. Want to see what we got? All of this was just $15 (plus $1.50 processing fee, and a 1 time $3 “basket fee”).

I also ordered a “lunch box” add on that included lots of yummy fruit. It was an additional $10.50.

Lastly, I ordered 38lbs of Gala Apples for $24. My mom bought another 38 lb box of apples, so we are going to spend Monday canning applesauce, apple rings, and apple pie filling. Aren’t these apples delicious? The kids keep snacking on them. There are/were 88 of them in the 38lb box.

Here is the bountiful basket that my mom picked up at a location 20 miles away. It looks like the basket is mostly the same as mine. She has more bananas and I ended up with more sweet potatoes. (That’s mainly because a lovely lady at the pick up gave us her sweet potatoes, so I gave her a few of our bananas to trade.)

In the last few hours, I’ve cleaned my canning jars, cut up carrots, made 3 quarts of refrigerator pickles, juiced the limes and made honey limeade, cut up the melon for lunch, froze the grapes (after the 3 yo ate 1/5 of them), and cut up half of the sweet potatoes to go with our roasted maple chicken for supper. It’s been a productive day.

For bountiful baskets, I have to order on their website Monday morning. I’ve already marked the calendar and I can’t wait to see what we get next week.


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