Food Co-Op and House Update

I flew to Maryland this week to spend some time with my sister and her family. It was a great mini-vacation, and I already miss them; but, I missed my kidlets and my hubby, so it is very nice to be home.

The kitchen is finally working (as of yesterday), so I’ve spent most of today grocery shopping and washing the dishes that have been sitting out for the last few months. Three months ago, I was hoping to have the house on the market by now. I had no idea we would have so many plumbing issues. I’m glad they are taken care of. We still need the contractor to finish up the floors and to replace the baseplate on the west side of the house, but the interior is fully functioning now.

It’s so nice be cooking at home again. Our bodies were really starting to feel the effects of eating out so often. The 3yo and I have already made granola today, but I still want to make bread and start yogurt before the day is done.  I filled up the fridge and pantry with staples; flour, coconut oil, beans, split peas, lentils, herbs, beef, chicken, fish, eggs, milk, butter, cheese, ect. It was strange not to buy any fruits or vegetables, but I still think we will have plenty of those this week.

I recently learned about a food co-op called Bountiful Baskets. There is a pick up location just a few miles from my house. Last Monday, I ordered a regular basket for $15, a “lunch pack” add on of fruit for $10.50, and a 38lb box of Gala apples for $24 dollars. There is a one time fee of $3 per customer, and a $1.50 processing fee.  With that, and the remaining veggies from my garden, I should hopefully have enough fruits and veggies to feed us for the week as well as enough apples to make 25-30 pints of applesauce. Yummy. I pick up my order tomorrow morning, I will make sure to post pictures.

This week, my goal is to have at least two vegetables or fruits with each meal. I’m also going to be packing lunches for all of my guys. I forgot how much planning is involved in eating well on a budget. I’ve done it before, but it suddenly seems so daunting.

One meal at a time, right?


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