One of the biggest things we’ve noticed since we have been doing all of the work in the house, is an overabundance of gnats and fruit flies.  After searching throughout the house, I finally found a bag of decomposed canteloupes in the garage. I thought that this explained the bugs, but after I buried it in the compost pile, the bugs still called my house their home.

I noticed them the most in the bathrooms, and after a few minutes of thinking about it – I realized that the reason they were there is because we have been using the bathroom sink as though it is a kitchen sink, and sometimes they kids would pour watery juice down the drain.  This juice would get stuck in the P-trap and the bugs were loving it. They were literally living in the P-trap.

I poured a cup of bleach down the drain, and let it sit for a few minutes, then I ran the hot water for about 5 minutes. I did that yesterday, and today – all of the bugs are gone.

Yay! I love finding simple solutions for problems.


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