Leaky Pipe

A few days ago, we noticed that the kitchen floor was wet. It turns out that the grey water/sewage line that goes under the house and connects to the sewage line is completely corroded. As I type this, a company that primarily deals with flood and fire damage is assessing the damage, pulling up our floors, and preparing to put giant fans around the house.

I’m fairly certain that we are going to end up at a hotel for a week or so. I’m a little bummed about it. I am glad that we discovered this problem before we sold the house, I would hate for someone else to have to deal with it. It is still a little frustrating. This house was build in the 60s, and over the years we’ve noticed that the people that lived here before us never took the time to properly complete projects – corners were cut, and ‘adaptations’ were made almost everywhere.  We’ve spent so much time and money trying to fix everything that’s wrong that we can find.

It’s making me wonder if it’s worth it to find land that already has a house on it. We’ve noticed that it takes more time and money to fix something than it does to just do it right the first time. I know that time will break things, and that houses need regular maintenance; but I also know that we will put more care and thought into building our house than anyone else.

I guess we need to pray about it and figure it out. At least we can figure it out while we’re sitting poolside at our hotel.


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