Veggie Lovers

My kids are beginning to love vegetables. You see, I’ve been sneaking veggies into their meals. That is one of the biggest advantages of cooking from scratch – you can control and change the ingredients.

Here are some of my favorite ways to sneak vegetables into our diet…

brocolli in taco meat

zucchini in brownies

spinach, tomatoes, and peppers in meatloaf

carrots in pancakes

radishes in mashed potatoes

The list goes on and on, but the point is the same. I just chop up the veggies as small as I can get them, and add them to whatever I’m making. I’ve made a few mistakes (don’t try to add diced carrots to banana bread), but I’ve gotten the hang of it now.

I don’t lie to the kids about it, I’ll happily tell them to truth if they ask what is in something – but half of the time they don’t believe me.

Tonight, I’m going to try to sneak some okra in our mini chicken pot pies. Think they will notice?


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