The Good, Bad, and Funny

We always try to have supper together as a family. It’s a nice family tradition that everyone looks forward to. This is getting a little harder to do now that my husband’s work hours changed to 4 long days instead of 5 regular days. But, even when he is working, the kids and I make the effort to enjoy each other’s company and eat together.

As important as I feel it is to have family meals, I think it is even more important to have quality family meals. So, we came up with a simple game that engages everyone at the table, and gives us glimpses into each other’s lives. It’s called ‘The Good, Bad, and Funny.’

It doesn’t even really need an explanation – we just take turns saying something good, something bad, and something funny that happened to each of us that day. The only rule is that each memory can only be said one time, so multiple people can’t use the same things.

This has been going on for a few years now, and we all look forward to it each night. Guests are not omitted from the tradition, which puts some of them on the spot, but it’s all in good fun.

Today –

My good thing is that I finished my workout and I have a ton of energy. Also – I have a delicious homemade iced coffee in my hand right now. Yummy. I haven’t had coffee in the house for awhile, so this is a real treat.

My bad thing is that my three year old is allergic to something and we aren’t sure what it is. I know it’s a food allergy, since his lips and tongue were swollen to double their normal size. This isn’t the first time he has had this reaction, it’s just the first time I could pinpoint what he ate that caused it. Spicy salsa. I’m not sure if he is allergic to tomatoes, jalapenos, citric acid, or a random preservative. His doctor referred us to a pediatric allergist, so I’m going to have to get him tested. We also stocked up on children’s benadryl – just in case.

My funny thing is that birds got to 3 of my 7 ripe tomatoes this morning before I could harvest them. The ate my tomatoes and ignored their bird food. Figures! (This actually wasn’t funny when I first noticed it, but now that I’ve had my coffee I can see the humor in it.)

So, what is your Good, Bad, and Funny for today?



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