Solar Oven

My menfolks finished building my solar oven. I asked them to make it for me a few weeks ago. They just finished it on Tuesday, and yesterday was cloudy, so today I am going to try it out.

The found a large cardboard box, and spray painted the inside of it with high heat spray paint (it’s made for ovens and grills). Then, they made a levelling chamber at the bottom of the box. They added aluminum foil around the top flaps of the box. The glass that they used was recycled from our neighbor. It was a little too big for the box, so they cut a long slit in one side of the box so the glass can slide into place.

It’s perfect and it only cost $5 and a few hours worth of time while they figured out the best way to build it with the materials they had on hand. They finished it just in time for the 100 degree weather to start. I’m glad I have a way to cook without having to turn the oven on. I’m going to try to bake bread with it today. I have one loaf covered and one loaf uncovered, just to test it out. I hope it works!

If you use a solar oven on a regular basis and have any good recipes that I should try – please let me know. I need all the help I can get with this thing.


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