Ninety Days

Ninety Days from now is September 18, 2012. I’m setting myself the goal of having our current house on the market by then. It’s a little annoying that our house’s value is currently 20% less than what it was when we bought it – but luckily, we bought it 14 years ago, and we still owe less than it is currently worth. After paying realtor fees, closing costs, and repairs, I don’t expect to make very much, but I don’t think we will owe anything either.

My hubby has been bringing home boxes from work, and I’ve gotten some things packed. I’m marking things well, so I hope I can find them again when I need them. I’ve got a moving system. I mark what it is, where it came from, where it goes, and it’s order of importance on a 1-3 scale. Things that are marked with a 1 will need to be opened the first week we are in the new place, and things that are marked with a 3 will be things that are seasonal or things that aren’t used often. I’m only packing things marked with a 3 right now. I haven’t ever had to move an entire household as an adult, so this is going to be a learning experience, that’s for sure. Do any of you seasoned movers have any tips for me?

I think it is a little crazy to be putting our house on the market 3 weeks after school starts – and I hope it sells right away. But, I’m trying to be realistic. Houses in our neighborhood are taking months to sell, and I want to be prepared to wait if we need to. The twins are going to be in 8th grade this fall, and I want to move before they switch to high school for 9th grade (at the latest).

Someone else bought the property that we liked. They are currently waiting on the inspection. We knew it was a possibility, and I’m okay with it. I don’t want to get emotionally attached to a property and make an offer on anything before our house sells. I trust God’s plan for us, and I trust that he will lead us to the place he wants us to be.

Ninety days – that feels like such a long time from now, and yet when I look back at where I was ninety days ago – it was the end of March, which feels like just yesterday.


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