This Pregnant Pause

I was watching my 13 year olds twins playing basketball yesterday. I started thinking about how I felt when I was pregnant with them. I was so antsy to meet them. I wanted to rush through the pregnancy and hold them in my arms. I wanted to know if they were boys or girls, I wanted to know if they were identical or fraternal, I wanted to see what color eyes they had.

In the blink of an eye, that pregnancy was over, and  I brought them home from the hospital. I was filled with questions about parenthood, and I was anxious for them to grow up. I always wanted to see them at the next step. First they smiled, they sat up, they got teeth, they crawled, they walked, they lost teeth, they talked, they started school, and now they are teenagers. That time went by so fast.

When I found out I was pregnant with my now three year old – I was determined to enjoy the process. I mellowed out a lot. I took the time to enjoy each stage of his development. He still grew just as fast, but I felt as though time slowed down a little. I changed my perceptions so that I stopped waiting for tomorrow, and started enjoying today.

I’m trying to take those experiences and apply them to everything in my life. Life goes too fast. Yes, I’m antsy to move, I want to close this chapter of our lives and start our new chapter. But, I’m also taking the time to enjoy this process. This is the pregnant pause before the next stage of our lives. This is the time to gather skills and knowledge, but it’s also the time to take a deep breath and remember that even when life gets crazy, and even when I’m looking forward to the next step – the moment of right now can be pretty dang good too.


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