The Land Hunt

With the price of gas so high, I’ve been doing a lot of my land research online. We’ve made a wish-list for our future property. Here it is, in no particular order:

1) 30 acres or more

2) Good sized pond for fishing

3) Well on property or ability to drill a well

4) Utilities on property or ability to get utilities on property quickly

5) Ability to immediately live on property (If there isn’t a preexsisting house, we can happily live in a trailer or mobile home for a few months while we build – I just want hot running water and a toliet that flushes).

6) Good schools

7) Good neighbors and community

8) No property restrictions.

9) All mineral rights to property. I don’t want someone else to say when and who can drill on my land.

10) Not in the proposed area for the new interstate . I’d hate to buy a place this fall, then have the state buy it from us in two years so they can pave over all of our hard work with an interstate.

Some of these are more important to me than others.  If anyone out there has any experience moving from the suburbs to the country, is there anything else I should add?


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